90-93 Integra by CaptivaBlueTeg

Here's my new project. Planning to put it into SLRR. It's no where near done and i've just been working on it during my down times at school when theres nothing else to do...which I don't get many.

Things I already know needs to be fixed. Some adjustments to creases on the side of the body. Fix the little horns on the front of the hood. Adjust the headlights to fit a little better. Straighten out the door jam at the bottom. Do some adjustments on the roof around the windows. Fix the crease where the tailights are. On the back wheel well the crease towars the bottom is flaring out. Also I just realized the hood got pushed back a little so it's not sitting right. Theres still a lot of work to go on it but figured I would start showing it.

Textures aren't final and it was modeled with 3ds5 and it's crappy rendering system. I really need to get a better renderer

When I first started, threw in the VTEC engine

And Grey renders

Anything else you might notice let me know, it has about 5500 polys witout the rear bumper and without meshsmooth. I'll post up a wireframe once i'm happy and need the extra C&C to fix whatever I missed
well, you do have many bumps and pinches around the car, it would be useful if you posted the wires now so we can point out how to fix them before you continue further, just so its easier later on, but this is not a bad start