68 Charger


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Poor 70s drivers, look at the brake discs' size...compared to the current brake systems, those cars were just deadly boxes !!!
Great work as usual by the way, top notch for sure.
Kangal: True enough, though the brakes aren't all that terrible. My first car was (is) a 66 Fairlane with 4-wheel drums -- and it actually stops pretty well. Only big issue is a tendency to lockup or slide. 60's cars were pretty light. (Comparatively. Even with a V8, the fairlane is under 3000lbs. Less than most midsize sedans today.)

Pretty surprising the weight differences between old and new. Even though they're all made of steel, the oldies are pretty fragile and hollow by modern standards. Not all that heavy.

1968 Charger is about 3600lbs. (With largest engine available.)
2012 Charger is about 4300lbs (Smallest V8 available.)


Battery, window washer bottle, clutch fan, and front light thingies. charger_52.jpg charger_52d.jpg charger_52ff.jpg
"pretty much done"?
and after sayn that you post 3 studio renders?Dude,you've got one of the most detailed car models,you literally can do whatever ya want with the model
transparent renders would be awesome
What programm do you use?If XSI,I could advice tons of different ideas
just look at the "won't that be cool" nissan ad series
you can google a few more
anyways,the work is,well,....no words as always
Just out of curiosity, with the engine and differential and stuff, do you also model the inside of them? Or do you just concentrate on the outside of everything. Thanks. :)