68 Charger

I agree completely, my main point was that you can't let a dissatisfaction with your work poison your efforts to keep going. A mediocre finished work is better than no finished work at all. No matter the skill level it takes devotion to finish something, and with devotion comes improvement.

Thanks for the comments too, I'll see if I can get some closeups soon.

I haven't abandoned this project, have just been crazy busy of late. Almost ready to post an update.
How did you model the engine without the blueprints?! That is unbelievable though! Also how do you guys model the interior of your cars so accurately..Since there ain't no blueprints for the interior..How do you get the proportions so right??!
Yash: I had lots of refs for the engine, plus the basic measurements. (Length of heads, height from oilpan, valve cover to valve cover width, and the like.) From that I create a primitive with the same measurements, and model the details by eye. The primitive keeps everything roughly in proportion. Same goes for the interior. Once the body of the car is done, it's relatively easy to stuff all the parts in.

It's not entirely accurate either, I had to alter several pieces to fit. (Rear sill is too long, doorsills too wide, and all seats slightly too far forward. Trouble is, once the frame was built it became too much work to fix all the little issue. So pretend I didn't mention them. :p