68 Charger



Virtually all of my images are pulled from google. To make it easier I tend to look for individual parts as opposed to the car itself. I figure out the main parts I need from car info sites (engine, transmission, carb, etc) and model them separately with their own groups of images. Makes it seem less intimidating doing it component by component.
Thanks for the comments. :)

A little more, finally getting everything connected. Well over halfway done now. :crazy: Why did I pick a model with so many parts...

Got the leafs, rear springs, mounts, window trim, and headlights done. Headlights are all geometry.


This is just down straight crazy, why isn't this in the advanced section!? It looks amazing though, great job! Is it possible to get some close ups on the body work, underneath the outer panels? Also how did you get everything accurate, do you have a friend who owns one or yourself, or google images?
INST3D: Never really kept track. Probably about 70% done. About 300 parts have been made, mostly just the interior and engine to finish now. body panels need cleaning up as well.

baCyanide: Thanks. Didn't see your post when I rendered. I'll try to get some more closeups of the panels next time. Model is far from perfect though. Lots of little inaccuracies and messy areas here and there, though I'm pretty happy with it overall. Wish I could take pictures of the real thing, would've made it so much easier. I got all refs from google, haven't seen a real one in ten years or so.

Here's some progress. Got the brakes done, plus some more detail on the engine and started the side details.