68 Charger

Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it.

Here's a little more, been busy reshaping the body, trying to get it as accurate as possible. Still needs cleanup, and some bumps fixed.

Got the wheels done too, decided to go with the old bias ply tires and classic wheels.


Thanks for the comments. This project is pretty slow going, nice to get some positive feedback.

Front is finally getting there, starting to look like a car now.
Pardon the low quality renders, I'm working on a pretty slow system, and don't have a lot of rendering time for the progress shots.


Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. :)

Panesar: I'll be widening up the rear a little, but I wanted close to factory sized tires. (14X6 on factory, the model's are 15X8) They're pretty narrow by today's standards, but I don't know, I like the vintage look.

Long time no update, lost a bunch to a crash, and mostly I've just been fixing issues. Found out the engine was too small and had to move all the little bits around to make it fit. :wut: Think it's all pretty close now.

Got the rear floors mostly done, and started on the doorframe and cowl, plus a couple little things. Still a few intersections and bumps to fix.


That's some crazy amazing detail. But the tires look a little off. The tread seems about the right size, but maybe the wheel needs to be wider. See image. I personally like the look of the Good Year Redlines better. Great job so far, can't wait to see more.