68 AMX is not stock! Many alterations on it.



This car has a non-factory hood on it. It appears to be a hood from a second generation AMX body styles, ie 1970. The 68 AMX did not have ram air, it did not come with a hood scoop nor did it come factory with the luggage rack. The luggage rack only came on Javelins, and though it will fit on an AMX (same exact trunk) its not "proper".

Also, something is funky with the front grill. First off, its not original. It has a funky square on the driver side which is not stock, and also the badging is not correct for this year. The AMX of this year had off center AMX emblage on the grill. Another element is that it has 2 mirrors - 68 AMX only had one mirror on the passenger side stock. There are a few other errs...

Overall this car is good for the base lines, however, do not use it as a guide for detail skinning because its not original, nor is it close to being that way. Quite frankly I think it is a 69 with parts from a '70 AMX and 71-74 Javelins.

Why do I know this? I am restoring a '68 AMC AMX 390 Go Pack (same color) in my garage. heh. Great car though! I will try to dig some accurate pictures up to use as a guide if you want to make a true "68" amx.