'65 Mustang fastback

Hi. I've been working on this on and off for a while. It's not my first car, but it's hopefully the first one i finish, so I'd love to get some critiques and comments.


This is the latest render:

Mustang nobo3.png

The exterior is mostly done except the side windows, a few details on the front and the wipers. Wheels and tires are bad , they are only temporary. I would love to get the Mustang as accurate as possible, so feel free to comment if something looks off.

Also I just started the interior so I'll be posting progress:
Thank you.

I did a lot of stuff in the past few days: Started new "rally" wheels.

mustang test 15 .jpg

Reworked some interior panels and modeled some other parts. Still more detail to add.
interior mustang 2.jpg
interior mustang 1.jpg

instrument cluster:
panel 3.jpg

It's still WIP but it's coming along. Maybe i'll redo the floor before adding seats.
panel 9.jpg

Test render. I know the texture on the carpet is bad. I'm not good at texturing but ill fix it later.
panel 6.jpg

Also a lot done on the exterior, added license plate holders, started the full door sheet metal, redone the gas cap, redone the panel behind the license plate and redone the taillight lenses. I'm pretty satisfied with the material on them. Latest render:
panel 8.png

Thanks for watching.
^Tnx, Just saw your Merc, it's looking great.

New wheels are mostly done but materials are not final. I added a whitewall stripe on the tires as I've seen it a lot on ref. photos but not yet sure if I' leave it on.
untitledsadasd5 .jpg

Also trying new paint material with orange peel effect, but I need to tone it down a bit because now it looks like a terrible paint job XD
untitledsadasd2 .jpg


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Its looking really nice mate, you're doing a great job...its just a pity this site isnt very alive any more for more people to appreciate your work.
As you said, the orange peel bump is just a little large atm, and also you might want to put it in a fall off as you shouldnt really see the bump unless youre looking directly at it
Thanks for your positive comments guys.

Not much is new as I'm busy but I did the pedals and started more details on the dashboard and door panel.

WIP of the back seat. Once I get the proportions correct I might redo it from scratch.

When that's done I only need to do the shifter, front seats, rear view mirror and the handles on the door panel and the modelling should be done for the interior, except some details and fixes.

On the exterior i did the wire mesh in the side vents so the rear end and sides are done. Just need to redo the vent window frame.

After 1000 tiny adjustments to the front end it should be accurate enough. It's so hard to get it right, but I think it's done. I have to redo the windshield wipers and finish the inner door metal and the exterior should be done.

As some of you also commented on the orange peel effect I lowered it by a lot so you can't really see it unless it's up close but it still looks too strong on some angles, for some odd reason..