60s Contest: *Triumph TR4

lol Id burn myself out if I were to try and get that detailed with any of my cars. What you see is what you get is my motto when I model. lol

Anyhow really grand work :)
Sorry about lack of updates had a busy week doing nothign XD

I will be making and finishing the body next befor ei do anything else!
thanks for the comments


No problem with lazyness, Catlin :grin:

I missed your previous update, by the way. Nice to see you're going for underwear details. It's time to go back to work, hurry up !
haha man dont blame ya not working on it - extremely nice weather atm, but ye get off yo lazy ass and get some work done fool! (my Mr.T impression :p)


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crazy amounts of detail there ... ... how are you gonna keep from going crazy when you make some crazy textures for this crazy detail?


and I'm horrendously unfamiliar with this car, so I'm afraid I can't offer too much in the way of critique
Ok guys so heres the deal,I have a bit of a dilemna.

I have baught a triumph manual from ebay.It has detailed blueprints of the engine,every engine conponent,subframe,suspension. Anything you could think of on the car it shows it.Now the problem here is.Do i finish a lower detail version for the contest or decide to drop this and continue to work in my own time.Because there is no way in hell i will be able to finish all of this detail i want to achieve i nthe time given.


Start right now a full model of it. No matter if you don't finish it in the contest timeframe. But the level of details you'll show will pay for you in terms of contest results.

I guess it's pretty hard to find motivation to start a fully detailed model after having completed a low level of details model.

Any chance for you to post some excerpts from the book to show if it's worth purchasing ? I guess many modelers here can be interested in such a book from ebay.
Yes i will post all fo the pdf files dont worry. you will get all of that,no need for you guys to purchase :) i been here long enough to contribute something to you guys,i started on the subframe.

That isnt the pioly count for the frame btw the triumph is hidden. I think i will just brush up on the body work then restart the engine and stuff from scratch.



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Looks like a really nice start on the frame, I think you should finish the outside of the car for the contest, and still keep working on the interior and details as well
Sorry for lack of updates,im really going to try hard to get the body done tonight ready for the contest,then i will be finishing the main version with the super details for a project after.


I guess you'll have no other choice if you want to achieve something before the deadline. I'm really looking forward to see the super-detailed model.