60s Contest: *Triumph TR4


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Looks like you got a bump to the right about direction light.

And yes Im still HUH?!?!?? about you making a british car :p.
MEGALOLZ!!! i hate to say it but it doesn't look as bad as i expected with those rims. still, i must agree and ask why you would do this? (i would bet on childhood drama but maybe i'm just a freud junkie)

Going to model the sidewall when i find a good picture,

|Think im gunna keep it at x1 smoothing cos its 700k with 2 and 300 with 1 so its not too bad lookign anyway.

weird lol fps says 1hmmm must have caught it at a while refreshing its usually 500 :p


What version of Max you use? I suggest that you switch to Max 2008, fps rate is much much better.

Btw, modeling such simple tire is a bad idea. You should use bump or displacement map.
Its fine my comp can handle it,and like i said im on like constant 400fps in viewport,it just does that when its refreshing like after a turbosmooth modifier is added.Im on max 2009


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nice work, but I preefer displace map, cos it's faster and easier to do (for me), but this is your choise. And nice work on tire tread.
BTW I've done my tire too (check my topic) :)
Right, but still, you should use a bump map for that tire, or work with just smooth modifier with no subdivision. That wouldn't change much the result.

( I was a bit late :p )
Well,to be honest,I hate modeling tyres and i was never really any good at it,So this was my chance to practise and since its for the comp i need to go all out.Therefore i spent alot of time working from very small references images only to get my tyre built up.I got stuck in the "zone" which i havnt done for a while :p So i had fun learning.