60s Contest: Lotus Cortina MK1 1963.


They rim just killed me.Please don't do this again, or use a disclaimer before :grin:

Good job on this one, the whole shape looks good. It's now time for details. And new rims, of course.


Nice update. On last picture, there is two issues :
- Lower fold in front of the door : looks like there is unwelded vertices there.
- On rims : outer side of the 8 spokes are weird, like a vertice too far from the middle axis of each spoke. Especially visible on rear rim, the spoke going down and front, the bottom side of the spoke.

Keep it up !


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The car looks a LOT better now, But the wheels suffer in comparison now. For one your wheels are lopsided it seems or bent on all sides if we are talking real world comparison. I never really used the trick of sticking a wheel into a tire, I usually just modeled them all together at once, or if I did use two parts it was where the spokes where hidden inside the wheel tires. So in that respect I would have the outer rim and tire all be one part and the spokes be another. On the overall tire I would make it lower profile, they seem to really be squeezed under that chassis.
I was ognna say nice model, but you spoiled it by saying you want to model a volvo...:p

the bottom lip of the front grill needs help, you didn't crash a volvo into it did ya? also your tyres are all wrong man, tyres don't ever look like that, except on toy cars
"whats that you say NIK.. dont touch this topic.. your through with it... oh ok... LOSER"

Ok thats my "real" spam , the rest is motivational pats on the back to get some more finished products in.. ;)