60s Contest: Lotus Cortina MK1 1963.

For following my method it is a bit dense, however if you were trying to model this car without smoothing then I would say this looks fine for a good base low poly car. The important stuff could be done in high detail ( headlights, bumpers, few chamfers on the hood area, etc.
hit me.. finally what took you so long:) looks like a nice start mate. it indeed looks a bit dense on some places but nothing you can fix;) keep it up!
Wow this really takes me back to my younger days. Used to see Mk1 Cortinas everywhere (not many Lotus versions though!).
Fabulous modelling but I think compared to the real car the roofline looks too high. The car looks too tall.


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Not sure what the little bulbous protrusion is supposed to be, but here's a pic of the cortina's tail lights...

I've attached a ref pic showing the chrome piece over the tail lights. I'd model the lights seperately from the chrome piece. The lights look like they're supposed to be completely flat... then the mercedes-style chrome piece over that. The center... protrusion... is only part of that chrome trim, and should be modeled as part of that piece, not the tail light...


Much better work, the structure is a lot less dense and is much cleaner than it originally was, like I said you did hte work I just talked, it was up to you to listen ;)


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I second Icekid, the headlight rims look much cleaner now. Just center the circular edgeloops inside the rims so you can grow the lenses -- and the headlight interior -- from it.
hehe,, didn't caitlin convince you to put 25" under it? Big shoes:p The car looks really good. Much better then your volvos:grin: you really improved lately, keep it up:)
Even if you were modeling those moon wheels they are still slightly wrong :p but do the racing one!

and erik,25's are nothing i told him to put 30's under it