60's contest: Ford Transit MK1 Pick-up

I hope I got time to finish this one, prolly will be midpoly. I want to try to make normal maps and all that kind of stuff for it aswell. Which means I need to make hipoly model aswell hehe. Anyways here's pic of the car, gonna show pics of what I've done soon


Weell I had cabin also but I wasn't satisfied to it so I'm gonna remodel it. Here's rest of the car though. Not sure if the rearlights are right, I don't have any pics from the behind so I need to use my imagination. Still low details but I'll add more on the way


Very small update, haven't got much time to model lately. Anywho I made tyre, I used normal map and specular map for the rubber. Still need to work with the materials, 660 tris I need to raise with 6 tris then I have evil tyre :grin:


Wow you are really out doing yourself, specular and normal? oh my (have to tell me how to set that up when we are both online sometime)
Ah darn posted wrong link in a hurry, thanks for noticing, this one's right Ben Mathis

Tread is wavy yea, that's how it is in refpics that I've found and it actually should be more like this /\/\ It's too straight atm
Hah :p

Sorry lack of time, motivation and energy, I haven't done much modeling in last month.

Waiting my summerholiday and hope to get inspired during it. Too bad it's in August :(