60's Contest: Ford Mustang

Close to the end now and the scene is now killing my pc. Lots of crashes during rendering.
Still , the lighting setup is not looking too bad so this will be close to the final renders.
Have already fixed a lot since this was done. I've extended the nose more after this render.
No idea whats going on with the steering wheel. I'll be sure to fix that. Not finished the side windows yet.
So I'll get the front and back renders polished off and hopefully as much of a decent interior as I can manage over the weekend.



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the lighting looks a bit too oversaturated/bright. There's not enough contrast, and in the front pic, there's a nasty edge on the border of the brightest part of the roof. Fix those, and that yellow mustang will be pretty cool in my book :grin:


I'm looking forward to see higher resolution renders, with more AA and less JPG compression.

Lighting looks good, but I think you can improve it by reducing ambient light to add more direct light, and this way having more contrast on car paint, shadows, etc.

Anyways, your car looks damn good. You are in really good place for the contest, IMHO.
Thanks for kind replies.
The bright spot in the first pic is fixed - I left a spolight visible :eek:
I will try to make much better quality renders for the final entry but my pc is already struggling. I'll obviously post as best I can manage.

With the lighting I have 2 Vray lightplanes giving the main illumination , then 3 vray lights pointing at the back wall and ceiling giving ambient light. I'll tone them down and see if I can get better contrast. Thank you very much for the advice.
Yeah that looks great, I agree about the brightness though its a bit strong. If you want maybe a trusted friend or someone from the community can render it for you on a more powerfull PC. Anyhow its still not perfect, a few things bother me still. but it looks a lot better and I agree it does rank highly in this contest.
Thanks very much.
Renders seem to be working ok now. Here's a slightly modified front , still working on it to get it more accurate. Still got that bright spot on the roof so I'll adjust the lightplane to fix it.



I think it's better now and it does better justice to your model. Maybe power up one of your light to get more hard shadows and contrast.


Lighting is more interesting, it adds a bit more drama to your scene.

You should stick with your previous camera angle. It better shows the car. Tire are way too light. You should increase if possible lighting quality settings, because you've got lot of artifacts on the front grill.

Keep it up, you're definitely on the right way !


Much better IMHO !

Now you should give more force to your model by putting your camera a bit farther. Try also playing with camera focal length. You can easily give your model an impression of right size by setting a focal length about the same as human eye's, and by placing your camera at about 1.60 - 1.80m high, that is, average height of human height.

Keep it up !
have you modeled the tires, or has they a displacement map applied to them? Cuz they look very blurry and smudged out. You could list your render settings here (the most important ones), and see if we could help you point out the problem.