60's Contest: Ford Mustang


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Lol Janusz, did you look at his post with the horse in it? Cant you see the wireframe of the horse?
Looks really nice so far mate, keep it up!


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Lol Janusz, did you look at his post with the horse in it? Cant you see the wireframe of the horse?
Looks really nice so far mate, keep it up!
Yes but image is in worst quality, and I wasn't sure about it ;). If it is really model (completely) that is very nice work :)
Didn't think anybody would be interested in that (very) messy wire.
Yeah it's all modelled.It is rough but it looks ok smoothed out with chrome material on it.



You should try to save the flat poly on the front of the badge. They're completely useless.

Otherwise I like that attention to details. Keep it up !
Aah , I know what you mean , but the polys on the front face cut the 'relief' parts of the horse.
It gives the shape some shadows. Hard to explain , but if I render with and without you'll see -


I remember trying to model a Mustang using those prints... with not much luck, since they're dreadfully off. But you're quite good at handling them, keep up the good work.
Thanks , you're right the prints are miles off. I resized them best I could but most of the modelling is 'best guess' if you know what I mean.
Only slow progress now. Working on details here and there . No glass yet , no proper tyres yet.
Exhausts are only roughed out. There's no proper holes for them yet. Long way to go, but still enjoying this.

Ugly white reflections due to badly placed light plane, but its only for test.



Nice renders, I'm looking forward to see more progress on details for this baby.

I'm not sure with the diameter of your muffler tips, they look too large IMHO. The Mustang badge at the front looks too thick. Not in terms of depth but in terms of width of the surrounding part.

Are you modeling the same version than this refpic ? http://www.madness-us-cars.com/fond...tures-americaines/ford/mustang-coupe-1964.jpg

If so, I think you have some accuracy issues. Let me know if I posted a wrong refpic, otherwise I will spot every single problem I've seen.
Right , yeah the exhausts are just tubes so far , no detail there yet. Haven't cut the holes in the body for them yet either.
Not sticking to one particular reference vehicle but the car itself is based on earlier (64/65) models , and since I've put '68 Bullitt type rims on I thought it would be reasonable to put nice twin exhausts on too.
Earlier cars didnt seem to have visible exhaust pipes at all.
You're absolutely right about the logo surround , I'll fix that. And for sure, there are plenty of other errors to fix!



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its looking really cool,
but, theres something about the front end that looks too "rounded".... im not sure if its the bonnet, grill, or just the renders though.

I might be wrong though, just something to check out.

other than that lookin cool!

I looked again, and its the bonnet, where it meets the grill, its flat on most of the pictures ive seen, but yours looks too round... its only a small issue though
Thanks very much , I'll definitely check that.

EDIT - I'm amazed , yes the bonnet is miles off. Well spotted , thanks for the advice.
This is the car I've based it on mainly. Would love to own that beauty. I think I prefer that badge on the front grille more than the one I modelled. Things could change.


I listened to you good people and made some fixes. I'll finish the exhausts now , then hopefully make some tyres over the weekend.


Quiet today , everyone must be hard at work.
Not much progress to show, been mainly tidying things up. Seem to have lost a bit of shape around the headlights but I'll fix that.
Made the headlights a bit bigger , made a new bump map for them too.
Still not made proper tyres yet. Got a day off Monday so I'll try to finish the exterior then.