60's Contest: Ford Escort MK I


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Second render is too dark IMO, and give us some rear shots ;) for now looking good.

BTW: Did you founded some tutorials about how to put car into image? I'm looking for this too.
i noticed that you have not done the inners of the wheel arches . In my experience it will make it look even better for the lighting leakage and such if you apply them . plus it makes it more believable.


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Thanx! ;)
janusz_the_maker: I keep searching for it :) I will put here a link if i will find ;)
ronaro: Yes I know, thanx I'm forget about it! :) You will see them in my next render!

BTW and one rear shot for janusz_the_maker ;)
I think that the middle part of bonnet goes slightly too low. Otherwise looks really nice.

btw, my first car was -71 1300GT mk1 escort :). It was really nice car and easy to take huge slides on gravel roads :grin:. Although more power would have been even more fun ;).
This looks really good, especially for a 60s car, love the wide fenders, as far as styling it seemed to of been ahead of its time. My only complaint is your renders are too dark and dont put enough emphasis on your work.


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i agree about the renders being too dark... maybe studio renders would suite it best for now ;)

the magazine page is ffun, nice touch :)

looking good so far, keep it up!
Looks really cool,few things i noticed were the textures on the side looked a but low res,and the background looks a bit to bright compared to the light on the car. Keep it up


I agree with previous comments, it looks indeed good. You still need to fix lighting, because car and background are not lighted coherently.

Keep it up, you're doing good.

This car was really looking nice, the renders just seemed superficial (surroundings) if this car were put in something more serious with better lighting it could be very nice, hope you'll be submitting atlest still :)