60s Contest: Citroën 2CV


I guess it's the first time ever we have 2 2CV at the same time, because there has never been a trend on it ;)

I agree with janusz, your car has a lot of bumps. Let us know if you can see them or if you want some help. You should focus on modeling one part at a time. It's slower but really more efficient.

Keep it up !
Well, after holidays far from my PC.
Back in line, my last renders:

- Some bumps to fix (less then last time but well, some to do anyway)
- Lightning could be a lot better
- Paint is just a test, i expect something more psychedelic



It looks good. You should use lower point of view, because it gives your model a toyish look. Also, please add a ground plane.

Keep us updated, you really improved your model since last post. Constructive holidays ;)