60s Contest: Chevrolet Corvette 1965

Woot! got it working (at least with Vray standart mat without refl. or refr.) Only thing I had to do was changing some settings in the system rollout. Just google Unhandled Exception and a link to the Vray online doc. will pop up and explain everything that might cause an unhandled exception. Viola!

aaaaannnnnnddd.....!!!!! UPDATES!!! Wooooaaa! WuuaW! Okay I took it too far.....


One of my all time favorite Vette designs. Question though, does the car really not have a back? I mean whats in that rear area if not. Ive never really paid much attention to the inside, but that does seem wierd.


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Looks really nice man.
To answer Icekids question, the rear is pretty clean really, just a few badges and the fuel cap...I only know cos Im doing the 63 stingray....which I should really try and get back too!

Throw some seats and materials on ti and give it a nice render and I think this is another one that has a chance at winning. Again atleast try and finish it for just the sake of finishing ;)
Dont worry, I havn´t given this baby up! here is a little taste of what´s commin´!

btw, the reason my max f***ed up, was because two of my ram sockets is wrecked, so every time I used more than 2 gigs, it shut down. Now when Ive taken 2 gigs out, it runs like a charm (of cause a little slower, but whatever...) and also I dont get those feakin´BSOD´s anymore!



That render is really impressive and lovely. Great achievement here, I wish you good luck for the contest !

Any chance to see a rear view of it ? And maybe with more light on sides, because contrast is a bit too intense at the moment.


Great work, really looking good.

Some critics : you have maybe a pinch, please check attached picture. Also, the top of the rear wheel arch doesn't look that clean : its thickness is a bit wavy.

It would be nice to keep this lighting setup but with turning on the rear lights. It would add some color to your scene, with a theatrical effect.

Keep it up !


Mes thinks I got a new favorite for this contest :) Great job, this is really nice the render is dark but that really makes it all the more better IMO.