60s Contest: Chevrolet Corvette 1965

janusz_the_maker=> Well I have to make it pretty, not just because i owe the car it, but because I want to stand a chance against Veve :grin: thx m8

rcat=> Thx man, I really apreciate your opinion. It keeps the motivation up:)

Here is some further progress:

Ive finnished the rear end (roughly), and started on the interior. Please, if any of you guys find some high res pics of the 65 Stingray interior, feel free to post them;) It soo hard finding any:?


Yeah white looks nice but black for the win. I think it is time to make your background a bit more interesting as well. That should really add some class!
Any ideas for the background?:roll:

EDIT: Ive been playing around with some render styles and materials now, and Ive come up with this. Its a bit dark. Might gonna lighten the areas around the wheels a little bit up, but else I think it suits the car. Tell me what you think:)


I got a hugh problem, my 3ds max is making some trouble. Every time i try to render, I get an unhandled Exeption 10 minutes into the rendering process, and then my 3ds max shuts down. Now, Ive read that Vray can be the cause for this "Unhandled Exeption" but even with standart scanline render I get it. Any of you got any ideas?

My specs are: GTX 8800, Intel 6600 2,4GHz, 4 gigs of 6400 Crucial Balistic DDR2, nForce 680i Asus Striker SLi Mobo
Have you tried rendering without materials applied? I think I had a similar problem some time ago. I started clean then applied each material in turn , it turned out to be a material I got from vraymaterials.de that had an error. Jjust a thought.