60's Contest: Aston Martin DB5


Lovely indeed. I think you already spotted the middle line, it's especially visible on rearshield but it flows front front to rear end. Otherwise no critics from me.
RICH : dont dissapoint this is really one of the best as far as low poly goes in this contest. and modeling something rarely done so well is just another well reason to submit this baby. IF anything throw a quick background modeling behind it. If no interior, model the chrome around the windows, fill in that glass and put in an old fashioned GT4 blacked out interior ( ie top half of seats showing) This car needs to be finished :)
I know the deadline is nearly here, but due to various things I got behind. I had done a fair bit with the interior but ive saved that and I'll just have to black the interior out to get this finished on time. Theres not alot to do now, just number plates, wipers, tire textures, mirror it and get it rendered.

Afterwards I'll give it the full interior and engine.