60's Contest: Aston Martin DB5


Lamborghini President
Dude, better start learning 3ds max or something similar. I've used Zmod too (for 18 WoS models). When you know good 3ds max you can make models much, much faster than in Zmod. Max has a lot of very helping tools so your models can be smoother and cleaner. Belive me, give it a try ;) Zmod don't gives you all of 3d fun.

I've played around with max and lightwave, I just feel more comfortable with zmodeler. One day I might look more into them, but at the moment I'm happy with simple old poly-modeling :)
thanks, looks like it will also be one of my highest poly vehicles!

I took a break for a few days but spent a few hours on this today, the result:

Only the headlight and the wheel nut thingy are textured at the moment