60's Contest: Aston Martin DB5

Not much to show so far, tricky car when theres no blueprints!

Aiming for about 25k poly's when finished, want it to go in a game when done.


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looks like a good start, and good luck doing w/ o blueprints, i don't even think i could do it w/ out them haha.

Seems like you could have achieved that shape w/ fewer polys though.
007 crossed my mind a few times :) You find more pictures of that one then the normal db5...

I have an interesting idea about adding a driver as well, but thats all to come once the main model is done.


a little update, not much time to work on this today:

i know the curve down to the headlight is way off, the only 'top' reference i have is from my small corgi model and a mashed up db4 blueprint. This is going to be tricky.
Great work so far, nice clean structure too which is important in areas like those headlights. Very pleasing work, maybe later I can pull up some links with pictures sources for this car for you :) Until then keep it up :)
not a big update, brought mariokart wii a few days ago and got a bit addicted :D

just noticed the boot/trunk is too flat.

Taking shape!