60s Contest: 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB

Ok first off the biggie. this car is way too WIDE. Classic Ferraris such as this are small cars, yours is too wide. So what you first need to do is just pull the inside inward . I would not scale it thinner since that will screw up your the roundness or shape of something that you have already. What I would do in this case is use the symmetry modifier on your car (this is max right?) ANyhow if so use that and adjust accordingly. [EDIT] I see this isnt max, well I'm sure that blender would have something similar, if not then you just need to cut the car in half it it isnt already and pull it together closer. cut any excess mesh out.

Next the headlights, you fixed them better like others asked, but now they need to wrap a bit more around to the side.

The front also needs to be a lot rounder. Here is a picture I found that will give you an idea about the roundness.



Icekid is right. And yes there is the same mechanism of modifier/modificator (whatever you call them) for symetry in Blender. I think you should move all the vertices of the side closer to the middle axis. This way only the center part of the car will be shortened.


Really lovely studio render. You're making me to want to try a studio render for my entry.

The car looks incredibly smooth and appealing. I'm looking forward to see more work from you.
I really hope you try and do those fixes that were suggested, this car is almost there and with those tweaks it will be a nice one to get in this contest and if not for the contest, just to see modeled in its own. ;)
I'll sure try, but i'm so tired when I come home after work, just can't even turn my computer on.
I wish that i'm not this tired.