60s Contest: 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB


Nice to see another Blender-head here. And nice choice of car, btw.

Not so much to critic on so far. Just increase the AA settings to get nice rays.


The quality of your work doesn't make you behind the rest of the contenders, be assured of that. You're doing great job, I'll be watching your thread.

Keep us updated !
Dont forget the wheels they are a tad large too. Thats important on cars like this because if the wheels or tires are oversized it just throws off the entire car and its sexiness.
Thats looking good mate,keep it up.not sure about accuracy so i cant say anything about that,the rendering is weird,the paint shader looks a little flat and the chrome looks a bit dull.


The rims look damn good. I thoin you're done with both modeling and shadering.

The body is fine. But the paint shader can be better. Also, the seams need more depth.

I agree with janusz about the headlight : the glass cover must be more bulgy.

Keep it up, it's coming along nicely !
Very nice work, but the others are right on the critiques. I myself love classic Ferraris from this Era. Especially the 250 SWB GT styleS. Anyhow if I have time later I'll also take a crack at critiquing this car, but I'd have to refresh my memory of it with some pictures again.


Way better !

The roof is a bit flat. Headlight covers are better, but you're not done yet : they should be more bulgy I think (the right one looks OK, but the left one still needs some more relief - left and right as seen from the car)

It's time to add some details on bumpers (screws or anything else to tie it to the body), on tire sidewalls and so on.

Only one more critic : the reflection on the side are not as smooth as one could expect : the transition between black and white (once reflected on the paint) is wavy.

Keep us updated, I really like your work.
Glad you like it!
Btw, both headlights are the sam it's just a mirrored mesh.
Love you criticism, making some details as soon as I come home.