60s Contest: 1967 Fairlane 500 4 door


Continental Kit
Nice choice!

Two crits:

The design is boxy but subtle, careful with the sharpness of the front fender top. And there is a tumblehome on the glasshouse, FDD 2x2 is simple and effective (if you are using MAX).
well, I made the little wavy bit on top of the fender a bit more pronounced, and i made the overall fender line a bit less sharp.

I also tweaked the shape of the "cokebottle" area on the rear door a bit, and made it a bit more accurate.
Rear quarter panel is roughed in.

I also made a set of American Racing Vector wheels. I did this because I am trying to decide what style of rim I should put on my real Fairlane hehe :grin:
Doing a black render too,,, I will post it up after work if it turns out good...


The other wheels looked a LOT better on this car. Those just yell cheesy to me . Another thing I really like what you've done, but Id love to see some less close shots of the car, something a bit further out with less perspective to get a better idea of this car.