60s Contest: 1967 Fairlane 500 4 door

60s Contest: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500

This is my entry to the 60's contest, a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500, 4 door.
I actually own one of these cars, so infinite reference, but i do not have any prints... It will be a high poly car.

Just the front grille emblem so far..


thanks for the reply's, i usually don't get much of anything in my topics lol

anyways,,, did an overnight paint test render,,, just for kicks an giggles 8)
Plus a clay and wire...
The front grille is not very accurate though, and will be made again once i figure out a good way to do it.


Ah like Dragnet Police sedan! this will be sweeeet! looking good so far......my Dad had a 66 coupe in a color very similar to your image.
thanks for the comments guys,
I think i may have gotten *slightly* carried away on the license plate lol
(well i had it in my hands, what else do you expect?)

I will do some more detail shots later tonight (or tomorrow, depending on how big i decide to do them)
Most o the LP is modeled, but the numbers are a bumpmap :grin:
I also remade the whole bumper, and did some reshaping/refining on the fender


thanks Nighteye, it really helps when you have the real car out in the driveway hehe

a big render of the front, and a detail of the licenseplate.

Hopefully, by the end of the day today, I will have to the back of the front door done...



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Looks really nice mate, I think that the gap between to hood and fender is tiny compared to the car, IMO you need to widen it.
well, i got the front half of the roof modeled, and the front doors (mostly) But, the roof is missing some trim pieces that go around the window, and looks weird without them lol
Also made a set of whats possibly my favorite rims, ever. hehe, the
Magnum 500's
These were factory options on all Fairlanes. (and Mustangs, and Cougars, and Galaxys, and prob most all Ford cars... and more then a few MoPar's and AMC's as well lol)


well, i finally managed to hack my way through the window trim bits lol.. its still not too accurate (especially at the base of the window) but i think it will have to do... i also got a start on the rear doors, and the rear section of the roof...

Mostly its just an update because its been a week since the last one hehe..
BTW, i don't think i have posted this up yet, but once i am finished with this model, i will be packing up and uploading all the reference pics i took (around 550, so far :p)
I might even render out a set of prints :grin:

Darker background this time, and the actual color is closer (same?) as my real car... or rather, how my real car used to be LOL... i will prob be doing more renders throughout the night...

EDIT: Added the darker blue render, i also just started a clay..
EDIT2: Added another clay, same angle as the darker blue render...