60s Contest: 1966 Lamborghini Miura


Nice details and textures on the front, it looks indeed good. But the paint doesn't look that good : it's maybe an effect of lighting or maybe the shader. Keep working on it, you're doing good job.


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Thanks Pedro.
Started the interior. Right side of dashboard is just mirrored so it's very incorrect. How about textures?
And last question: what is the best way to make speedometer texture, I mean, those lines around (hope You know what I mean).:grin:



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Looks like I have problems with steering wheel UVmap, so opacity map doesn't work properly. I don't know why but in speedometer (I really don't know how to name it) that stick8) disappear in render. Speedometer is scaled in MPH 'cos I wasn't have good ref pics with KMPH.




Lovely renders, you can be proud of your work.

About critics :
- Some areas need more details, like the border of the front air intake, the turn signal repetitor, the wipers.
- Size of the wiper is wrong : they're way too small to cover a significant part of the windshield.
- The lower edge of the side window (that is, top of the bottom part of the door) is really unsmooth.
- The border of the windshield lacks some details : see this refpic to see what chrome and rubber parts to add : http://www.fca-houston.org/images/LakeLivingston/2005/Miura.jpg
- Some accuracy details : the turn signal repetitor should be smaller and a bit lower. The edge running at the middle of the hood should be rounder than it's currently. The sides of windshield look too stretched toward the rear. The top of the seats should be higher. Take a look at the refpic above, all these points are visible (and maybe also the location of side mirrors, but I won't say I'm sure of such a detail with only one refpic)
- The paint looks a bit weird, it's giving really strong highlights where lights reflect, but it's looking rather flat on other areas.

I hope this will help. Keep us updated !
The car looks really nice. The interior is particularly well detailed. My only complaint is the renders are a bit overpowering.. However then again I was always partial to dark scenes. But its just too bright IMO. Would love to see an exterior render, or one on top of a photo for a change, other then that nice work :)


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@Icekid: I'm still trying to improve my renders ;) Thanks for comment

@Tom: Thanks for your last post but can you explain some of it:

1) As I said in first post I'm aiming in 200k-150k polies so I have to make less details ;).
BTW how that turn signal indicator can be more detailed ?

2) I think I have corrected it now :) BTW Miura has small wipers anyway.

3) Added more rubber. I can't make chrome 'cos it's only in P400S and P400SV. I'm making 66' P400 ;) (about different you can read at wikipedia)

4) I don't know what you are mean with "The edge running at the middle of the hood should be rounder than it's currently". In real that line is flat (see attachment).
About "The sides of windshield look too stretched toward the rear" - I think it's good, It fit perfect with my blueprints (scanned from scale model kit instruction).
I think Miura owners makes theirs own mirrors cos there is a lot of diffret versios.

5) Yea paint is my weak side ;) I'm trying to get soft reflections using lights, but it really reflect too much :)

BTW: You can find very good refpics at this site.



About your answers :

1. I didn't notice you're aiming a precise polycount. So of course you'll be limited. I just wanted to point out the fact than this area looks unnatural because turn signal looks really to be magically glued to the body.

2. Ok, the render you posted looks right.

3. Ok about chrome & rubber. Did you correct the upper edge of the door ? It doesn't appear on your last render.

4. What I mean is, if you look at the middle edge of the hood from side, I guess your model will almost look like a straight line. But hood of actual car look more curvy.

5. It's better now but your render needs some colour correction : the paint is very bright, maybe a bit overexposed, but your tires looks differently lighted. Weird, and impossible. Please take a moment to fix that.

Keep it up, I really like your last render !


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Thanks a lot!
To make smoke I used FumeFX plugin. There is no driver yet but I think I can try to make a human model (e.g. STIG). Just saw that band in rear is floating ;).
Anyway I really enjoyed outdoor renders.

The Render looks great, I like these a lot more than the studio shots you were doing. The driverless car is a bit err weird lol tint the glass next time, or at-least till you get a driver for fun. Anyhow where did you pick up on how to do it? Or did you just stick a picture behind the car and rotate it as needed. Ive heard there is more to it then what I just said. I need to learn how myself.


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It's pretty simple:
Track, smoke, band and those first trees are fully 3d.
I've added background image using alpha channel from render using ;) rotated. all using Photoshop.
And that's all ;)


Great work !

2 issues found : headlights halo is too much toward the ground, and rear tire is a bit sunk in the ground.

Keep it up, you're really improving yourself;