60s Contest - "1963 Marcos 1800 GT"

those shaders an textures :eek: Brilliant. Very good job,, i love the wood to. It's looking like a great start. keep it up i really want to see more! Where did you get those textures? :eek:


Thanks for replies.

celifighter, thanks !

crazy 989, you're right, that's console is too wide. It's especially visible on the following render. I'll fix that.

MARTS, thanks. I'll continue it for sure. I hope I'll complete it before the contest deadline.

Erik_S, thanks ! Carpet texture was found on [CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site, wood and leather shaders are based on those from Blender Open Material Repository - download blender materials/shaders for free!. I just tuned leather (as the shader is intended to be parametric) and and did uv-mapping on the wood.

Here's an update, more stuff on the dashboard and on the steering wheel.



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Looks really nice Tom, this competition is getting harder and harder and that means fun for everyone :grin:.

Great work bud!
very nice thom, you made a good job. Congratulation ! I like it.

but there is a small problem with the gear lever. I find, It's not rather realistic : too simple and plastic, he doesn't look like leather.

Good continuation

it is lookiung great. I love the mats, they're very good. Only crits i have is indeed that the middle console may be a bit too wide. And the steeringwheel looks a tad to small. Rest is superb, keep it up!


Thanks everyone for comments and supporting. I really appreciate all of your words.

Nik, you're right, it's really looking like the average level of SMC is raising up at each contest. Impressive. It makes things funnier ;)

willi_44, you're right about gearbox stick, the "leather" around it is just temporary. I will give a try to Blender's sculpt mode (same features as COTS like Mudbox) to make the shape right.

Catlin, thanks, good luck to you too. I hope you won't give up on the highly detail model !

Thanks pedro. A small update below.

Erik_S, you were right about central console, I fixed width in the following render. About steering wheel diameter, I'll doublecheck that with some measurements. I'll resize it for sure if needed.

Here's the update, some stuff fixed and some stuff added. Still a lot to do, I really think 2 months won't be enough for me :(



Thanks for replies. I agree with you Janusz, I'm amazed every day by the quality of each entry. It was really easy to find out the winner of WZA, but for this one I don't know on who I'll put my buck.

New update, first version of seats. Lots of things to fix. And I will have know to complete interior : roof, doors, and close all the holes !



Thank for the reply, The IC. Especially for you, I do an overwhelmingly complicated update : one more level of surface subdivision on headrest :grin: Now they should have enough vertices.

The shader for the sides of seats is supposed to be a leather. It looks pretty good to me. But if you think it's foam, I guess I'd better improve it ;) The one at the middle of seat is almost the same, just a color change; but as the texturing isn't applied the same way, details are way smaller and it looks too grainy. I will fix it later.

Here's an update. I closed most of the interior. The following render shows integration of interior within the car. I will check lighting because interior is really dark.



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Dashboard from that perspective looks awesome! But your leather texture is way too big. Now it looks like crocodile skin ;)
Anyway it looks great!
lol yeah hes right, the conbination of the dash and car does look great, but that leather size is a bit large. This however is a very nice model. Quick question what is that hole on the door on the far left in the picture?
that is looking hot :) But i agree with the things said above. I think the issue icekid mentioned is that on the far left of the door, you have a piece of the interior sticking out :p you need to fix that. The rest is awesome!!