60s Contest - "1963 Marcos 1800 GT"

Big seams doesn't have to be bad :) Indeed old cars had bigger seams than they have now.
They're just not consistent. Bigger at some places than at other places, and just a bit too curvy in my opinion :)


Thanks for all the comments !

Erik_S, I think the time spent on details for the Ariel Atom was really worth the result. That's why I wanted after it and the Seven to go back to more regular cars.

NightEye, I agree with you, the seams had too much rounded sides. So I hardened them a bit. But I kept their width, as I also think elder cars have larger seams because of production constraints. And thanks for your words, I really appreciate to read that from you.

Nik, I think I love british cars just like you. What about entering the contest ? Still one month left, enough for you to achieve a good TVR !

Little update, small details fixed here and there (side mirrors slightly modified, front bumpers added, windshield redone, roof leading edge rounded...) And yet another color.



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It looks really fast ;) I love his back. About model, it looks very, very good. There is no bumps, and it looks very smooth. So this is very clean and good work.
sorry for late reply- 2, 4,5 ,6 and 7 on first test shot and the last color on this page look really nice this car looks good in quite a few of those shots, the last one seems best of all.
hmm i read your text after seeing the image. And i was surprised everything was still wip:) it already looks darn good man! keep it up;)
Nice work Tom, I don't really know that car even if I saw one at an oldtimers meeting two weeks ago. The marcos you're modeling seems to be older than the one I saw.

The tail lights look a bit different but I suppose this is normal.
About the wheel arches, on my pic, they looks a bit more extruded, don't know if they are less extruded on a 1963 model.



Thanks for comments, people.

Thanks Janusz. I hope I'll be able to keep it like this until the end ;)

Thanks pedro. I'm glad you like.

Thanks tiberius. I agree with you, the yellow is pretty ugly. I think the car looks better with warmer tones like red and orange I used.

Thanks Erik_S. When I said "all parts still WIP", I meant every parts on the rear, not the whole car. I think I'm done with the front and sides.

Thanks Gillou. Especially for the refpic. You're right about the stuff on the car, like headlights or door handles or side mirrors or... But I think I'm just wrong with the rear fenders, as the shape of the car didn't change that much in the 60's. I'll double check it. By the way, have you other good refpic like the one you posted ?

Thanks Butch. You're right, maybe the blueprints is off, because blueprints are usually off. That's the reason I never trust prints for the dimenstions of the car. I used tech specs available on the internet (for example : 1964 Marcos 1800 GT technical specifications - Carfolio.com car specifications pages or 1966 Marcos 1800 GT) Have a look to my blueprint setup tutorial on my website. Setting it up that way put it to correct dimension, by stretching the print if needed. But the picture you posted is slighty taken from above, so the perspective add a bit of height.

No update so far except for a bigger and cleaner render. Stay tuned ;)



Thanks for the pics. They will be useful, no doubt about it. I'm pretty sure I gonna make the interior on the car (first time ever for me for a car with a roof) and I consider doing the engine and chassis.

The blue one is for sale, too. Current owner is french, he created a website dedicated to the sale of the car : http://www.marcos1600gt.fr


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Vraiment superbe!

Only nitpick regards the vent dividing bar which should be independent from the window frame. Just a nitpick really (-:
This is really a nice car your doing. Its especially enlightening to see someone who actually cares about how the real car looks instead of relying on prints to tell him what he thinks it does ;)


Thanks for comments. I've been busy and away from CG the last days.

Thanks Palat, you're completely right about that bar. I fixed it. And no problem with pitnicking, I wasn't expecting less from someone as talented as you.

Icekid84, thanks, but I've to confess I've learnt almost everything I know in car modeling (except Blender usage) from SMC members : NightEye, Johnas, you, PALAT, SWIPS and others. So all credits go to SMC.

Here's an update. I've redone the whole side windows and parts around it.


Great work on those. It really is an improvement and ia have to say they look flawless, no critics except i want to see more :) keep it up!