60s Contest - "1963 Marcos 1800 GT"

very nice man, although your glass is refracting way too much, car glass is not thick enough to cause such a change with photons, so yeah, - fix the glass and its all good


Thanks guys for the comments.

crazy 989, you're right about the windshield/rearshield/side windows. I forgot to give some depth, so the computation of refraction was completely biased. Below is a render with a proper thickness (3mm) and correct IOR (~1.52)

Nik, thanks. I'm not ashamed to say that I can see my skills getting better, because I started from very very low : http://www.smcars.net/forums/work-progress/13690-1996-citroen-xsara-vts.html?highlight=xsara. First CG car ever :grin:

LOST, I'll keep it going, for sure. Contests are really helpful for me to free time to properly progress on a given model.

The render below is 4 times bigger than previous ones, to help see details and bumps and problems.


the car indeed looks perfect. 5 stars from me! I love it! nothing to critic, it looks smooth as hell, i don't know about accuracy but i think you got it worked out pretty well:) Keep it up


Thanks for your comments !

Icekid84, I really agree with you. Even the most interesting car becomes boring when you've see a few WIPs for it. I think I will really stick to rare cars, like my recent projects : RenaultSport Spider, Aston DB9, Ariel Atom etc.

greenvampire, thanks !

tiberius, I've made the following color tests. Feel free to say the one you prefer.

fskpzns, thanks, but it's far from being completed. Stay tuned ;)

Erik_S, thanks. You're the very first one to rate my work, so I really appreciate.

Here are some renders showing different renders. The tire is now modeled, but it's not clearly visible from that point of view.

The last color is the one I used for first modeling of the car, trying to mimic the color of the car presented in the SportAuto review. So the name.



Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you like.

Here's a high res render of the light blue one. Only one little update, side mirrors. I noticed how too small they are only the render was complete, so stay tuned for bigger ones.



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It looks really sweet Tom, if it wasent for work I woul compete with you ;).

Good luck and keep the progress like this!