60's Contest: "1960 Ferret Scout car"

that is just some wow work you have done there. I'm not up on my "Ferret history" Whats the wood piece for on the front, it looks like an ax handle or something.


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Hi again..

I`m don`t know too. I`m search on the net about that staff but I can`t find nothing.

Something like that...

thank you....

and a little update too...


Impressive, as usual. Your skill level for texturing is unbelievable. And as modeling and rendering are good as well, no problem to guess you'll be in top 3.


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:) Sorry friends but my vehicle is not finished.... I`m have too much private work so I will finish my ferret scout car when I`m go on vacation. :)


Too bad for you you can't go further for the contest. At least it's for a not so bad reason, if it's only extra work.

I guess I and every other contender should enjoy that news, it let us a chance to win the contest ;) Well I can't really appreciate that kind of possibility, and as I'm pretty sure you'll get a good result with your last pictures, don't forget to submit them !
rofl... once again Veve doesnt dissapoint, Looks great, your scenes are just so well done. Is all that modeled or is it half and half between model and pictures?


I'm stunned, once again ! Of course it's a bit disappointing to see so rare updates from you in that thread, but the result was worth the wait.

You're a favorite, once again. Maybe not as sure for win as you were at WZA, because (IMHO) your choice of vehicle is really different.

Now, I'm looking forward to see your skills on a non-military car for a future project !


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Damn, you got first place :) eeehhhh. Incredible renders. We don't have any chances with professional graphic designer :)
BTW In 3 pic. your background quality suck :) :D