(3dsmax): blueprint setup/spline cage, body parts, rims

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XSImatrix said:
how come you dont cut up the planes (front back side top) ?? wouldnt it be easier?
On most blueprints side and top view are already aligned, so when cutting you add two more steps: cutting and align.
Thanx a bunch for this Yuriy. My prints usually get screwed up when I cut them, never could get them right. This method worx way better. Thanx again.


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argh this is harder then it looks,
any more detailed tuts on splineing?
as welll my just dont go how it does on the tut
thx alot


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make your texture for your blueprint planes have dimensions that are squares of two. your blueprint textures still look garbled and awful in the viewports, whereas if they were squares of two, you'd see it exactly as what was in the image.
its not the bluerpints i have a problem with,
its the spline cage,
how do u make the spline curve to follow the shape of the hood...
its hard to explain

the part curves left as well as down,
how do make it do both with the cv curve?
mmmmmm...one question plz.....

u make the whole damn cage...but whats with filling it??? will we drive that skeleton ingame?

ooOoppss.. sorry.. didnt saw the "Body Parts" link :D
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