3d car modelers needed


We are in need of a 3d car modelers, specialized in high poly modeling in 3d max. Please send me a private message with portfolio and price per model to. I am interested in high poly interior, low poly interior, no wheels or rims needed.

Thanks in advance

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Hello there:
This is what I do car model
If you needed
Please email me, if not a full-time, it is also possible part-time,
I have 14 years experience in 3D car models.
Thank you!
12.jpg SUMO_B70_0000.jpg SUMO_B70_0001.jpg SUMO_B70_0002.jpg SUMO_B70_0003.jpg SUMO_B70_0004.jpg SUMO_B70_0005.jpg SUMO_550_0000.jpg SUMO_550_0001.jpg SUMO_550_0002.jpg SUMO_550_0003.jpg SUMO_scirocco_neibu_0006.jpg SUMO_scirocco_neibu_0017.jpg SUMO_scirocco_neibu_0019.jpg SUMO_scirocco_neibu_0024.jpg


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Hey Taofu, can you please stop spamming every thread with your work, it would be better off if you just Pm'ed them your details.