2008 Mazda 6

The IC

uses too many smileys
i like it...it looks a bit like the Mondeo, which is alright cos its based on one, plus the Mondeo looks good too (although Ford dealers suck in Oz)...the rear end looks a tad too much like an IS250, although its better proportioned than the IS250

hopefully the MPS version will be a hoot, ill probably be up to replace my 3 by then
I would prefer to own the current model, looks more aggressive. The new mazda 6's headlights is whats putting me off from considering it as my new car.
yup, i have the exact same one, only in gold and fully loaded interior (i.e. leather seats, sunroof, climate control, bose sound 6 cd changer etc etc)

its actually my parents car, i bought a new car for myself yesterday ;) i'll show pics after