2 fast 2 furious Lancer

Sorry for no updates had bigger things to do. Anyways these are the tiers ima use. I will be updating soon probly start monday, gotta go to a different state tommorow for my uncles funeral but when i come back its on! :)

And a wire if anybody intrested


hmg2005 said:
very nice redstar and sorry to hear about your uncle
Thanks, and yeah it sux but u knwo part of life cant let it stop me from doin what i love doin, just gotta move on. Anyways i did start the interior but nothing too serious to show you guys. I wana at least get a detailed dash done b4 i post it.
tire looks great, but your sidewall looks kinda wierd. as if your bumpmap was negative. it looks like everything is indented weirdly into the tire... i hope you understand what i mean