2 fast 2 furious Lancer

yeah toughed I saw that one to...

besides those small things very nice job, but you'll still have some work to get the paint the same... the real one looks more yellow-gold-ish then yours at the moment...
lol it looks mighty good, one question, how do you make things that are not "symetrical" like the cap for the gass, that little hole on the hood, the hole for the exhaust and so on ? Do you first remove any turbosmooth or meshsmooth, then convert the symetrical body to editable poly and then make the non "symetrical" thingy, this is how I do it, is there another way :O 10x and again great work, oh just one thing the color of the carpaint bothers me shouldn't it be more yellowish ?
Tal - USA buddy :)

Thanks for pointing those mistakes out you guys ill get to them asap.

As for the symmetrycal question, i just look at whats easier to do, sometimes its easier to model something in on the other side or sometimes take it out. As for the hood and gas tank area what i do is model it and then once i add symmetry i add a edit poly over that and then go on the other side and take it out. But for the exhaust thing i just modeled it on the other side.