2 fast 2 furious Lancer

Haha maybe. But I cant make a tutorial over something i had no idea how to do. usually people that make tutorials are confident and know exactly what they do, with this car im trying and retrying lol.

Anyways i have the side decal ready, if anybody ever gonna model this car here it is. Feel free to use it. No need to credit me for it unless you want too :p


yea I know what you mean. The decals look nice. After you should do the supra from part one. I know that would be easy for you since you know the supra in and out lol. That would be a great one for the tutorial because then you can go into details with the interior, engine, and how to make body kits since they have harder meshes so that would be nice to see and with the decals, you can even go into texturing.


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Looks awesome! Great work on the decal aswell ;) I agree with jaisonjones, if ur not too bord with the supra you should model it again, as you already know it inside and out :p Keep it up ;)
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW lol thats bloody hot hey redstar look at my attachement i tried looking at ur wire but didnt figure it out i mean when i chamfer the headlight hole i get a triangle at the end of the corners what do i do with them i try and camfer the corners but it looks really bad any advice?


Weld the 2 vertics outside with each other and add more polies around the light so its sharp. If you have anymore questions please pm me or something but dont go offtopic in the thread. THanks.
I'm stunned at how fast your moving on this one too, I don't like the colour but love the paint. Whole thing looks really tight, I would say keep it up but I know your gonna do that anyway.
Well i have side skirt done already and almost done with trunk. But i wont post that untill i put decals on the side skirt and then on the back wherever they need to be. So here is the front bumper, 100% done now i think.


I found my own way of doing it. What I do first is select the polies where the texture would be. Then i copy it out and move it up just a bit so the texture will show up but it wont make 2 parts in the render. And then i just texture that not the whole car. :)



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yeah i use the same way for texturing some high poly models.cuz using Unwrap map tool makes me crazy with hi-poly models.btw good job mate!