2 fast 2 furious Lancer

hey redstar thats looking HOT man just one question how do u cut up ur blueprints in adobe photo shop i followed ur supra tut and the video tutorial u used to set up ur bps and u got ur supra bps so perfect. How did u cut them like that.
Well i just use that box select and just cut it out how it is. BUt trick is to make sure the blueprints are equal size in max. So what i do is setup side first. Then top and make sure top is same as side in masurements and if not move it down and remember how much times smaller it is. Then after that just finish front view with the information you already have as in high and width. If you still dont get it just watch the tutorial again on the how to set it up in max part.
Maul - it is a bit messy man, but i think its only on the front bumper, and thats because i was makin stuff up as i went because of no blueprint lol. But everyting else thats like bluepritn should look alot cleaner. :p
[Marty McFly] said:
I like this car, its one of my favorites.
If you remember I did it, so allow to give you advice:eek:
Lol thanks for that tip buddy but i can tell you dont read first posts lol. I said on the first post ever that i know real evo has only one on the hood and ill get rid of it when im 100% done with the front :)
thnx redstar but wat if when u cut the bps in photo shop the size of the side doesnt match the top view one?

P.S crazy wire man very nice