1997 honda civic hatchback

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hello everyone!!
i decided to enter this contest with a 1997 Honda Civic hatchback, car i wanted to model anyway, so i found this 1.6 at 1900E on mobile.de, of course im going to buy some serious upgrades as follows:

Complete Turbo Kit
@ ~658E


Skunk2 Sport Shocks+RACE Coilover @ ~437E

17" HONDA CIVIC 4 STUD Pro Race 3 Alloy Wheels & Tyres @~715E

Extreme Dimensions B-2 Style Front Bumper @~122E to allow the airflow to reach the intercooler.

Now i have spent a total of 3894 E and the rest of the money i will invest at a later time on various upgrades which will allow me to get to the end of the shady challenges that will put the cars to the test.

the 1997 honda civic will not only be fast, but light and fuel efficient when driven responsibly :)


hello everyone. been very busy lately, but i was thinking to show that this thread is not dead and work is going on all around the clock, so here is the first shot!! please c&c :)))

yes indeed is the very first polygon, no bumps so far :)

wireframe coming soon :)


i like to work like that, have a little place to see the mesh better.. no particular reason

anyway, behold my magnificence, here comes the first wire :)



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Look good for the start, nice wire frame, I'm not the fan of the fender ;\

Keep it up I love this car soo I'll be watching this thread :)


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Nothing's wrong there, believe me. I personally think it's just another perfect example of an astonishing WIP car.
Just the reflections are a bit weird, bt i'm sure u're not looking after them yet, u'll care this aspect after :)
Hey Rickyss, one thing I would try to pay attention to is giving your model shape. Right now its way to round in certain areas, you want to harden up the corners and give it character.
hey guys, long time no update..
im very close to the end, but will not be able to finish it due to heavy family problems which will keep me away from the computer i work on till after the contest's end. i will show how far i got, but these will be the last images sadly. i am planning however to finish it when i return, even if the contest will have ended.
good luck to all contestants, im looking forward to the voting thread



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