1997 BMW 540i E39

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Haha, sry about that, another post without progress. :p

Im currently preparing for moving to another city, finished school and got a job now so its kinda hard to find time to work on the car. But Im gonna continue as soon as possible. Right now Im thinking about if I should work on the scenery or start the interior of the car. Id love to do both but I probably wont find the time to finish both, so I gotta decide whats more important. Not even sure if can finish anything in time, we only got like 3 weeks left and Im still busy with too much other stuff.

Time will tell and if I dont make it in time I will finish everything a bit later anyway. :)


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mmmm..... I would suggest you that, even if you don't have much time, you should try to finish it for the contest, the model is all done, you've got some details left. At least submit it for the final votation.

In last contest I made, I left some things unfinished and I don't find the time now to finish them, but least I submitted it and I got an award :D (that I can't see no more in my profile).... :p

So submit it ;)

Sure, I will definitely submit it, but Im asking myself what could improve my chances to get a vote more, the interior or a nicer environment.

I think Im gonna finish my Nürburgring scene, not only for my car but to get a scene we could use to throw all finished entries in. Surely would look awesome to see all the cars on the racetrack. :)
So I moved to Munich and got a new job now. I couldnt continue working on the model or scene but it should be ready for submission. Im gonna try to find the M5 bumpers and wheels somewhere for a price that doesnt explode my budget, if I cant find them Im gonna use the normal 540iA renders. :)

EDIT: Added all missing parts to the price list in the first post, money spend on the car and mods: 4754 Euro
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