1997 BMW 540i E39

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Hehe, the banner wouldnt be a bad idea, maybe for the final renders. The problem would be replicating the lighting and props standing around everywhere if you wanna have it perfect. :)


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Hey, I believe my neighbor owns this car , if you need any reference of details let me know, I'm just not fully sure that it's the same model :S

You are doing some great work , some material fix up, and lightning? you use an HDR picture and i guess it will look perfect :)
looking good man. just wondering about the red one, is it made with a shadowline trim?
maybe the headlight glass could use more reflections
Yeah, the M5 got the shadowline trim which is reflecting. The problem, like with the headlight glass, is that there seems to be nothing with enought contrast to reflect in them. :uhh: So no idea what I should do there. Its pretty likely I wont get problems like this when using an hdri in the next scene.

Edit: made some small fixes in the last render.
I started working on the Nuerburgring scene, decided to model the Adenauer Forst section because of its many curves and elevation changes. Its also interesting to see how inaccurate Forzas and GT5s surroundings are compared to the real track environment. The track geometry is done and I already started texturing some pieces of the road, still lots of stuff to do including barriers and trees. I dont wanna show pics yet and it could take some time before I can continue working on it again. I got another more urgent project, but youll see some progress asap, not before end of august tho. :) Maybe I will find some more time for a nice interior by then, too.


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Is this the final stage of the car? Do some better tires and you're golden :) Really looking forward to your NSchleife scene.

Keep it up!


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Nah, its just a very small part of the track, easily expandable tho. :D
mmmmmm...... is it big enough to keep as many cars as we are making for the contest??? (right now there are 25 projects on but who knows how many of us will finish theirs (I'll finish mine, I promise :d ))

You made me think about a final presentation of all the contestants :D.... maybe it's too much but you could create an HDR environmental image of your track and do a general backplate and define spots for all of us to place our cars, and maybe, just maybe, create a scene with the spots so everyone could place their car, render it with an alpha channel and then mount everything in a final image..... bad thing would be the reflections (nearby cars won't be seen) But as this is a TOPGEAR challenge.... cars won't be so shinny :D

It's just an idea, don't blame me!!!! :p

@Duron: Nope, renders wont be final I think (made new sleightly improved ones of the M5 already), the tire model is though.

I only worked for a couple of hours on it, but if you really wanna see it. :) I will put some more time into the asphalt texture and create the rest next, once texture are done Im gonna add barriers and other stuff. Still not sure how Im gonna create the trees, probably speedtree and planes for the distant ones.

But like I said I have to work on another project right now so itll take atleast 2 weeks before I can post any update. I think we discussed the idea of group renders on the track already somewhere, I would love to see something like this and the scene should be large enought, but I dont have the right machine to render such large scenes. I would hand out the the scene files if theres someone whod like to do a group photo of all cars, not sure if theres another way to get some good looking results. Namregs idea sound good, the only problem is I never created HDRs before and I have no idea how its supposed to work if I use a hdr for the sky in my source scene already...



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Looks really good so far only the curvature after the "right" is wrong.. there should ba a straight and than a slight right, left. Check Reference ;)

I've done maybe more than 500laps on the Nordschleife (GT5) so i know this circuit well. :)

Google is always a good friend :D


looks very nice, not sure if textures are final or not, but I think the kerb markings, and the dark area of the road should be more around the racing line, for example the first left hander - you have scuff marks at a very early apex point (inner kerb) which would just lead to going off onto runoff. Can't wait to see more!


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Stop, i'm mistaken sorry, your wip screen is from the north, so the accuracy is good! sorry for that, i thought the cam position is on the south side :D
No, I said especially the asphalt texture needs more work and the darker areas were the things I wanted to hint at with that sentence. ;) I also have to ask multimediaman how he created all those tire skid marks on his track, or whats the best way to get them on the road.

@Duron: Hehe yeah, would be weird if it was wrong since Ive used googles satellite images to model the track.
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