1997 BMW 540i E39

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I use Brute force with default settings for secondary bounces and "High" built-in preset for Irradiance map, never use antialiasing filter. As I can see other settings are pretty standart. This gives me reasonable render times (about 2 hours/quad core/5 lights in the scene/1920x1080). Also, I know, there is a plugin for V-ray that helps to adjust it very easy, never used it though.
Thanks for your help bookmaker! :) I found out the problem were the planes I used for the reflections which were illuminated by vraylights. I replaced the material of those planes with vraylightmaterials and deleted all now unnecessary lights, renders much faster now. Here are the first renders of the bimmer, they took about 4 hours each. It would be great if there was someone with a better machine who could render those images with higher resolution/quality, if anybody wants to help me there. :)

The model is pretty much done, I added a simple interior that might be replaced later plus some other smaller details. Im also working on the M5, not sure if I find all the parts cheap enought to use them in the challenge though. But I added the M5 sidemirrors already :D


183,98$, should be ~130 Euro, so I still have 2090 Euros left for upgrades.


Alright, very big thanks goes to spitty who helped me to find the reason why it took so long to render those lowres renders.:) It was my version of Vray that had a problem with some .dlls, Im currently not at my desktop PC so I rendered those images on my laptop, cant believe that it took no 20 minutes for one render (core2duo, 4Gb Ram, onboard ati gfx) while it takes over 20 hours on my normal PC (specs above).:uhh:


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you are way ahead man!!!! I must get busy with mine!!!

It's looking very nice, I can't even think about making test renders until september comes, I still have a Pentium IV with 2 gb RAM, so I'll stick to the modeling and hopefully (begging on my knees now, please don't look) hopefully get a new PC at the beggining of september.....
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4282.5 €
Keep it up!!!! I'm coming in!!! :p
Alright, sat down to make some better renders of it and heres the result. Its unlikely that I will find all the M5 parts in my price range but I wanted to post it here anyway. Some of you might also recognize the background I modeled from somewhere else. :D

I would love to hear some constructive critism from you render guys, right now Im trying to figure out how take make it less pixelated, its a 1920x1080 image but I can still see some pixels that should be there. Got Area AA on 1.5 - standart Vray value.



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ehh... rear view is great , front view ^.- hmm the headlights give you away the most , work on it a bit ;)
rest is good enough , and overall looks great.
Nice scene, here are just a few things to work on:
1. Rim materials is a bit dull, make it more chromish and try putting a gredient or a falloff for the diffuse with a light grey and black or dark grey to see how it works
2. Tire material looks too black make it a little lighter
3. BMW badges look desaturated
4. Front headlights and foglights materials need work and some bump maps maybe. For the orange indicator material put the orange color in the refraction slot and make the diffuse color black, from there experiment with making the orange lighter or darker
5. Mace sure you have cheked the clamp output option under the VRay color mapping menu so you don't get burned whit spots.
6. For the AA try using some other filter Cattum-Row works good it is a little sharp but I like it, if you don't like it try some other AA filter
7. I personally don't like the red calipers :p Make them black or dark grey :)
The front side of the hood seems a bit inaccurate, also the a pillar looks off, but might be the reflections though, gonna have to take a better look
Thanks for the comments guys. :)

@rickyss: Couldnt find any inaccuracies, looks pretty much exactly like on my reference photos. Could you be more specific?

Kiro: Thanks alot man. The closet thing to the AA settings you mentioned I could find was Cutmull Rom, I used it in the render of the frontend and wheel, the edge enhancement is a bit too much for my taste. ;) I also changed the material settings of the plastic parts (made them too dark) and increased the size of the mapping of the normalmap of the foglights because it wasnt visible before. Rims got a falloff (gonna use gradient ramps on most materials in the future, got more control lwith them) and brake calipers are grey now, just for you. :D

I will render those images a last time in the coming days with better AA (or what do you think, comments appreciated ;)) and maybe improved materials, Im really getting tired of them now and I dont wanna spend more time on them anymore. 540i renders following soon.



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I think the render and the material generally doesn't get justice to your excellent mesh man!
I try to explain my point of view:
1) BMW logo seems kinda desaturated (not so important, just to be picky)
2) The blue paint seems a bit blurry
3) The most shiny reflections are pixelated

Look, i repeat, it's really a great model what u've done, mine are simply picky remarks. With a bit of work more on materials, u'll get a perfect model , ready to be one of the fav here :)
Hehe no problem, I love useful comments that help me to improve my stuff. :) Bmw logo is no problem, simple photoshop job. Ill render my car with less blurry paint next, lets see how itll turn out. The shiny reflections are pixelated because of the AA settings Ive been using I guess, the shot of the rear already has (hopefully) improved settings.
hello schaefft, here is a little explanation with what i think could be wrong. again, im not 100% sure that your model is a bit off, might be the reflections too.

- red line - that crease is a bit softer and fades off as it goes down along the front grille

- yellow lines - the A pillar has the same thickness and shape all the way from the roof until very close to the bonnet, and it gets thicker just a few centimeters above the side mirror. also there is a more curved area there as it continues along the bonnets top end

- green line - this might be just the angle there, but your hood looks like is a bit curved. it should be straight in the middle part all the way to the badge. btw your badge seems to be placed somewhat higher than normal

sorry if im being to picky.. your model looks great, its just some small stuff i noticed straight off

ps. this must be one of the most beautiful cars in the world <3 :)


Wow, very good eye. :D I think reflections could be a reason but I reworked the areas you have mentioned and a couple of other small problems (headlights) so it fits now. First render of the 540i in some hours maybe.


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Looking good man, like others have said you're way ahead. Hope you carry on at this pace cos you'll have a kickass car in the end!
Alright, made improved versions of the M5 renders, sharpening the reflections really helped to get a bit more detail into the paint.

Im thinking about doing another scene on the Nürburgring to get some nice action shots. It actually shouldnt be a big deal to model some small section of the track as rendering scene (would be much more work if it was for a realtime application :p) and it should help me getting some really realistic looking renders, hdri lighting/reflections and all.



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Looking really nice Schaefft, since you are doing a warehouse, you could drop a large 3d topgear logo in the background there and turn it into the studio?


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