1996 Honda Civic SI

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If at this point this is looking so amazing...... I can't imagine how will it end up.
This is a nice place to say: ".... sky is the limit." :D

redstar: i dont care much for this bodystyle civic but you are making me change my mind with this model!!
philmaster978: you cant let other peoples models discourage you. these competitions are more about learning than anything else. you will never get any better if you dont push your self to get better. im with the other guys, join in, have fun, keep learning. if i had time i would join in myself, and i definitely dont consider myself good
Thanks guys.

I have some updates on body but nothing to serious. I am going to format my computer today and start back up tomorrow.

Will have some sort of update to show tomorrow.
Had to format two times. So I didn't get much time to model, although I did get most of the exterior shell done before I go and detail. Just need to do the trunk and rear bumper.

Here are a few shots. I was mainly testing out reflections, but figured if anybody wants to see some images, here you go.



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Quit that nth-pillar thing Klobsters :p haha.... just kidding. :D

RedStar, could we see some wireframes on those surfaces?????? They look so smooth.


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O.O I need to practice my rendering skills when this contest is finished !
This looks amazing !

Keep it up, don't you ever stop !
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