1996 Honda Civic SI

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Is that a pinch on the right lower corner of the gas cap ? or is it just reflection ? :S

Over all Great work ! Hope to see some larger renders ;)



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It looks brilliant! :) If you are using Vray I wanted to ask about the glass material on headlights... I just moved from Mental Ray so I don't really know all aspects of Vray materials. I could achieve a nice result on MR but I can't make Vray to act the same. I have made full 3d headlights for my Audi but the second layer is almost not visible in the renders. I hope we could talk this over through PMs or sth! Hope you got my idea. :) If you could try to help me understand Vray a bit more, give me a message! :)


wow. nice modeling!
in the interior a few parts look very sharp edged but i really don´t know the car good enough to give eligible crits about anything.

having said this, this is still one hell of a model


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Wow, very very very good, environment included. Top notch without any doubts.
Just to be picky in such perfection, i personally don't like so much the white zone in the tail lights, maybe it's a reflection's problem or something.
Btw, it deserves the gallery at least IMO :)

P.S Great the detail of the ''Arbre Magic'' ;)


Not just a backplate, a perfect example how shadows should look like : P Great work! Do you have more ?


I have a feeling something is wrong with the wheel rotation :S
Yeah I agree, I believe I rotated them a bit much lol. I set it up for a front view which they looked good in, here it doesn't work out all the way haha.

Nah no more renders. Been out most of the time riding my motorcycle or fixing my motorcycle, but did this render in about 1 hr just to submit something besides greys lol.
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