1996 Buick Roadmaster sedan


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yeah dude, your renders are looking MUCH better than they were back when you were making the saturn SL2 ... but you really need better antialiasing going on, it makes it look sloppy seeing all the random off-color pixels and jagginess around the areas of high contrast. if you're using mental ray, just kick the samples per pixel up to minimum of 1, maximum of 16, and that should be good enough for most renders. this looks like it's 1/4 min and 1 maximum or something...

but excellent looking model man!
Thanks for your comments guys, always great to see some in my thread :D

@Tiberius: hehe, pimp****ty already asked for wire wheels but I havent found one picture of the car with them, not sure if you can get wire wheels for the Roadmaster. The caprice had sth like wire wheels. :) And great to see there are still Roadmasters in great shape on the road in the US, and a shame to see cars held together with duct tapes lol

@Catlin: Yeah, LED 28s

@MMM: hehe, well, maybe the reason is that the Saturn SL2 renders were realtime shots of the viewport, and the roadmaster is rendered with Vray :uhh: AA was on 1.5 I think, no problem to increase it. :) Those arent final anyway.

Again thx for your comments.:)
well even today I saw a Grey one with the back vinyl roof and guess what? it too had the wire wheel covers. it was in good shape too. it was the earlier version because the rear view mirrors had the small post not mounted on the corner like 95 and 96 versions. I will search for some sort of images, but I am sure they are identical to wire wheel cover for the Cadillac Fleetwoods similar to what I had on my photos of my silver 81, instead of a caddy logo they have the three shields for buick and cover steel wheels. here are a few shots of one with some obvious caddy covers....basically same as buick's.


Yeah you are right, I found some pics of it with them. They would look pretty cool but Im not sure if its possible to give it 2 different wheels in GTA IV, Id be surprised if yes. But if I think about it, it should be possible.

All textures are done btw, the only thing thats left are the LOD models and the col. :)
you could always release a different version, perhaps with the vinyl roof version so its slightly different and have that as the upscale version. I will see if I can find one similar to what I saw in the market parking lot. here is one example....


Oh I modeled the vinyl top as well, its an extra thatll spawn randomly on the car :) I thought its a great idea to bring a bit more variety into the game, just havent rendered it yet. :)

I "modeled" the first LOD version yesterday, basicly I just copied the normal meshs and deleted everything I cant see in a distance of like 50 or so meters. Its now 47k tris compared to 68k of the normal version. I gotta try to get more out of it...
Alright, the Roadmaster is in GTA IV and almost ready for release, just a few little tweaks. Ingame pictures will follow.:)

I also worked on my render a bit, changed the paint material and light setup. The cars looking better already but the render quality of the carpaint material doesnt really impress me. Im still using Vray. Subdivs are on 32 and the lights dont cause it, those arent shadows on the rearfender, I tried it out. If you know what the problem could be, pls post your answer here.:)

Heres my testrender.


Thanks guys. :)

@Tiberius: Well, Id like to see it in San Andreas as well, just needs some work because the model was done for IV, the meshs itself are quite lowpoly because of the use of normalmaps no more polygons were needed. Id had to add more detail again to make it look great in San Andreas. Im gonna ask mind**** if he wanna give it a try.

@Krystian: Thanks. The render is still not the way I want it, I think Im gonna open a thread in the help section because I have no idea where the problem is comming from :/ I got the hopefully final version for GTA4 from the converter yesterday. Didnt have any time to test it yet put Im pretty sure I can release it this week. Finally :D
Okay, the release wont take too long from now. Here are the first ingame screenshots of the car cruising around Star Junction at night.:) Graphics are on max.

More pictures of the car will follow. :D



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o boy!, o boy!, o boy!
I need to know few details like what's the poly limit for the model so that you can inport it to IV ? and How much poly's does your model have :D
Hehe. thanks guys, Im glad you like it :D

@olddog: Well, my model has ~67k tris and it shouldnt be much higher in IV ;)


Sooo, its finally released! Check the first post for screens, the video and the download link ofcourse. :D Thanks again for all the screens and the video guys, and ofcourse for the help and comments I got from you. And ofcourse thank you to Stiopa and Lt.Caine who were so nice to convert the car to GTA IV! And thanks to Sam1970 and Pumbars who took some very nice reference photos of the car so work is a bit easier. Thanks. :D

And if I have forgot someone to mention (I dont hope so lol) thanks man. :D


hey brother !

tell me are you using a map on the carpaint on the render ?

if you check the side miror you only see the shadow on the floor and not on the side of the car too like it's supposed to be .

i think it's your lighting .
Well the shadow on the floor is only caused by one light right on top of it. This light and its shadow only effects the floor. There is a shadow of the mirror (center of the door, upper edge where the window meets the trim) which comes from another light. But thats not the problem, its more those very not-clean-looking areas on the rear fender (for example).

Theres no map on the carpaintmaterial btw


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I dunno man, it all looks pretty clean to me. Lighting limitations from a game engine are unavoidable, so you get what you can take unless you're coding the engine yourself...

Looks really good but you may consider converting the grille to opacity map... but only the front faces. It'd be a cleanly-aligned opacity map to separate the fins from eachother, but it'd all be on one piece. Then you'd have the grille depth still modeled out and meeting up with the opacity map's "edges" perfectly... That way if you can't use AA/FSAA on the game, the texture would take care of that, and not give the moirre pattern, but still appear to be modeled out fully, and use less faces! a triple-win scenario!

But just a theory, I understand it's been a while since working on this car... heheh

It looks awesome, in case I didn't already tell you this.