1996 Buick Roadmaster sedan

I'd need to get familiar with the relax tool, I've seen it in action awhile ago and it looked interesting. You know if there are any tuts about it?
Well, I just use it with the standart value and adjust the vertices if they arent like I want them to be, nothing special.:)

@Krystian: Heh, well, I guess bringing it into GTA IV and doing **** with it ingame gives me all the motivation I need, althought theres often a day where I should work on it but just dont want to which sucks. I could be way faster but yeah, the motivation^^

Thanks for your comments guys. :)


Such a great modeling job, imo it should go into the high quality area ;) For unwrapping i would use zmod since it takes me just under 30 minutes to unwrap the whole thing (or uv map in zmod genre) Good luck! Can't wait to see some ingame GTA IV pics :)
Thanks for your comments guys. I should post some more pics but I wanna wait till I get most of the textures done. Textured the wheels, lights and windows yesterday, and I like how they came out:uhh:
Okay, heres an update. Finished all exterior and engine/undercarriage textures, Ill show pictures of the last two later if my wifi at home works for more than 1 minute.

Critism (render, textures or the model itself) is highly appreciated!:)


hey man, nice model and render :D
first i think the shadows under the car could be bit softer cos it kinda dont look right, and did you tick (clamp output) in the color mapping? try with it, and last thing i wanna know is if the car is reflecting the ground itself cos it doesnt look like that. anyway nice work ^_^
The first constructive feedback about my render, woot!

Tried to get the shadows a bit softer, I guess density is the right value?
I enabled clamp out now but cant see any difference :/ (did you mention it because of those white specular pixels that shouldnt be there)?
And nah, looks like it doesnt reflect the ground, could be bad visibility tho, I have no idea.^^ But thanks for your comment, as always, very appreciated. I need every help I can get I guess^^

pics of the engine and undercarriage included :)



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Your renders are getting to a worthy level of your model =) get it imported into GTA IV quick! Ill be sure to drive this one xD
If you ever drove a roadmaster before you know how smooth of ride that is. My mother had one for quite a few years and what a sweet ride! I'm not into videogames but I'm glade to see someone modeling this car. Great choice.
yes, true not every ones favorite style, but was something to see when they brought back the Roadmaster name, and I recall a question some time back about wire wheels on one. I am cetain they had the same wheel covers of the earlier 90-91 Cadillac Brougham with the buick crest on the center cap. saw one driving in front of me yesterday, car was in incredible shape driven by an old lady. :) I see a navy blue one every day going to work, and that car is held togheter with duct tape, and his car is a rolling piece of trash, what a shame. :(