1988 Alfa Romeo 1.8 Turbo America

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Ok guys,
you can think i'm crazy....the first car modelling ever for me will be here.
I'm gonna use Rhino V4 and probably Maxwell Render.

So here's the car, a wonderfully kept 1988 AlfaRomeo 75 Turbo America 1800cc
worth A LOT but online for only 1610,00 €.

I'm not sure about the modifying but i will start with paint, rims and exhaust.
But i've got 3390 € to spend so.....let's see!


ah wait before you start modeling it, the auction isnt over yet so the price youve posted most probably will change. You gotta find a buy now offer, you couldnt get the car for this money normally, too if you wanted to buy it. ;)

Good choice though, I hope you will find a nice replacement. :)
Not open for further replies.