1987 Opel Manta B


Looks pretty complete already. Thanks for the donation. Can you please use a more persistent host, maybe like the file attachment system ?
nellowrox good to see you were too, nice work with the rx7, but sorry guys I´m going to use this car on a big opel mod, and will release it only when finished, I will send you a e-mail to ask for help to put the mod in racer, when finished.:grin:
converting into rFactor:grin:....

ps:the link with the reference pics doesn´t work, can anyone upload again the files:??
Great job there! I loved these new rims soo much. Kinda makes me want to get rFactor.

Oh, and of course, here's the re-uploaded refpics package:
@ sendspace
@ depositfiles
Ifn case these won't work, just let me know, i'll upload the pack somewhere else.

can i use it in Racer? personel thing only..if i release it, sure credit will be given..can?
Sure you can, that's why it's here :)
vanden_plas when I release the car in rfactor, what name, as the car maker, do you want me to put in the credits readme? Do I put "vanden_plas"?:)

ps:thank´s for the pics


Pablo92, please don't dig up old topics for requesting files. Please instead PM directly the author.

And better than any file hosting service, please use the attachment system : it will last as long as SMC will ;)
Thank You. Beautiful model. I'm working at Opel Commodore A for GT-Legends. Finishing this first, the Manta could be the second Opel car in this game.