1984 Ford Thunderbird (first car)

Fabbed up some dual Borla exhaust tips... I always wondered what they would look like on my car, and now I know! :) Later I may try making a custom exhaust outlet in the bumper...I have some good ideas.

Back end of the car is all done. Added license plate frame and frame lights.

thats really nice. Nice details on the exhaust. Only crit i have is that the windows glass mat looks odd. Very distorted or something. Rest is awesome:)
Yeah I have the diffraction cranked up on the glass for now until I get an interior in there...You don't notice it much unless your close to the glass. Works good for hiding a non-existent interior. :)
Man you got some skills!
Looks really cool.
Try to put the exhaust tips in one line under the backup lights.Should look a little better.
I am really jealous of your V8 man.With the gas prices these days its a little bit crazy.
man those rims don't suit it, not to mention they're not very accurate for being GT500 rims anyways, way too thin for starters. looks like you need some camber on those wheels, they look perpendicular to the ground, and the ground, well you need a bump map man, it looks flat.


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Looks nice! I would say that, like crazy989 has said, that the wheels dont really suit the car. I think that if you model some classic '80's wheels and an stock interior this will be a beauuty!

But still looks great!

Have you tried compositing rendering with any HDRs yet?
Great looking car! I agree that some stock wheels will look good too like the ones they used on 85 mustang GT's The Turbo coupe had those, the earlier ones had round holes like the 84's polished aluminum wheels. I loved the seats on those Turbo coupes too with lumbar and thigh bolsters for performance driving. it is really good to see this classic T-bird done, I want to see more!
Its a Ford GT 500 rim... Didn't turn out as good as I would have liked though.


I think you guys are right, those wheels don't look right with the car.

I have always thought the Bullitt style wheels on the Mustang GTs looked good so I spent all day yesterday taking my time and modeling up some good quality ones.

I'll put them on the car tomorrow to show ya...Hopefully they will look good with the car.

Finished product:

I also made a variant 6 spoke while I was at it with a single racing quick change wheel lug:

Which one do you guys like best?
I like the first one better, but they look a bit old school for this as said, some 80's rims, why not go stock, or otherwise DuB it out, - but thats just a bit far :p
well,these are pretty much 60's style.
but the car needs 80's style rims imo.
Well the '99 and up Mustangs came with Bullitt style wheels from the factory, so the 60's style wheel has carried thru today.

Here is the 'Bird with Bullitt wheels I modeled. At first I wasn't sure but they are really growing on me..so much so I may get some real ones for my car one of these days. :)

I also want to model the real wheels I have on my real car...Just didn't do it yet since they hide the brake disks.. ;)

Getting closer to a final render :)