1982 Mercedes Benz 239E (W123)

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Good choise, was also on my list. And a little C&C on the model, i would check reference pictures rather often and also check on the poly flow. Yours seems tad bit inaccurate especially on the front and the flow is a bit wobbly at some points.


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Cooool, I never thought of buying steel pieces apart and later modify them to do wheel fenders, spoilers and so on. I forgot that we have a whole workshop equiped with all the tools we need.....

Show us some wires here, and some unsmoothed mesh too so we can take a closer look to your model. Looks fine at this point, a lot to do as RaheeHawk said but..... we all know it's still a WIP.

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@namreg and RaheeHawk thanks for ur comment :p
yes i'll work on the body details later now i m doing the engine bay, Chassis, and Engine and other mech parts.. also heres a wire
also can an admin change the name of this thread to 1982 Mercedes Benz 230E (W123)


:) hello everyone.....sorryy i couldnt work on the car at all...i m tied up with School stuff...but still i'll try to finish the car by 30th :)
i was goin to model the engine but dont hav enuff time...
i m trying to finish the car as quick as possible
i stripped the cars interior...starting frm the door trim to the dash board...kept the orignal steering and the drivers seat took out everything else..so car i bought a pair of fog lamps :p
FogLamps for 150 USD and a 4 point roll cage for a Honda (hav to fit it in becuz cant fine a Merc roll cage) Roll cage for 200 USD
total spent 350USD
money left US$ 3500 - 350USD
=3150 USD
Spent 500 USD on paint ( i asked sum guys at my local Workshop) ..
and the stickers r HQ En-Cad is around 1.1 USD / Sq ft
USED around 50 Sq ft so 55USD thats 555USD Spent on Paint also bought
LED lights for 24.99 USD
579.99 USD total Spent :)
Left 418USD :) I'llupload the final renders in 2 hours :D


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Honestly i think your skills are much better than u show here, u just need more time to work on it ;) It seems u did it with hurry.
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