1981-1985 Toyota A60 [Celica, Celica XX, Carina, Corona?]


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Hai, I made another car:p

I present to you, the Celica XX (pronounced "double x"), or Celica Supra anywhere they got exported. I also plan to make the regular Celica, which just has a different nose and an inline 4 cylinder engine, as well as an A60 Carina, which varies somewhat in body design.

Back to the Double X, it's basically a sister car to the Z10 Soarer, while the Z10 was given a luxury GT image, the XX had more of a sporty image, although both cars have similar performance attributes. Engines were shared with the Z10, with the 1G-EU as the base engine and 5M-GEU, M-TEU and 1G-GEU engine options. The car is very mechanical similar to the Soarer, so naturally my model will share some parts with the Soarer.

So far, the exterior is mostly complete, just a few little tweak here and there, and of course the interior + chassis. Currently at ~3000 triangles without wheels.

XX 1.png XX 2.png XX 3.png XX 4.png XX 5.png